Features of the treatment of papillomas in women

[ad_1] Many have heard about papilloma today, but often women are surprised to discover at the next examination by a gynecologistthat they are infected with the human papillomavirus (HPV). Information about this disease, which can be easily found, scares many, because the presence of the human papillomavirus is associated with the formation of cervical cancer […]

Papillomas in women, what are the features?

[ad_1] Papilloma on the skin of a woman is usually the result of infection with a virus. Today, many women have heard about this virus, which can threaten cervical cancer, and a vaccine has even been developed for it, around which there is a lot of controversy. Papilloma can develop at any age, both among […]

Deadly SARS. What kind of virus is killing children in the US and do we have it?

[ad_1] In the United States, pediatric hospitals have been overwhelmed for two weeks now. The reason is one of SARS: respiratory syncytial infection (RS infection). Mostly children under 2 years of age are affected. The number of deaths has exceeded a hundred. The infection can be similar to the common cold, but it can also […]

Bad habits that reduce sperm quality

[ad_1] According to a study published in the journal Human Reproduction Update, the number of spermatozoa in the sperm of the stronger sex is steadily decreasing every year. For the period from 1973 to 2011, the level of decline was 50 — 60%. These huge values ​​clearly show that if this continues, women simply will […]

Classification and treatment of infections of the female reproductive system

[ad_1] Infections of the female reproductive system are a sudden nuisance that many are familiar with firsthand. What are the reasons for their occurrence? Is sexual contact always the mode of transmission? What sexual infections are incurable and are there ways to avoid them? How to understand the intricacies and variety of types of infectious […]

Eyes in danger. What is herpetic keratitis?

[ad_1] In the cold season, various diseases can recur (reappear) and manifest (for the first time noted). Including herpes, which has been sleeping until now, can wake up. And it can become inflamed not in the usual places — on the lips and in the nose, but on … the eyes. This condition is called […]

«Children» of «omicron». Who is threatened by new genetic variations of covid?

[ad_1] The COVID situation has stabilized. This was stated Chief Freelance Specialist of the Ministry of Health for Infectious Diseases Vladimir Chulanov. Can we relax or the danger persists and the disease can return? “The number of new cases of infection has been declining since mid-September,” said Vladimir Chulanov, chief infectious disease specialist at the […]

Cervical cancer: methods of prevention

[ad_1] Cervical cancer is currently the second most common cancer in women of reproductive age. The incidence can be traced throughout the world, although most cases are diagnosed in South America and the African continent. The low mortality rate from cervical cancer in the United States is due to early diagnosis and prevention of the […]

The Ministry of Health argued with an academician about the number of HIV cases in Russia

[ad_1] According to the Ministry of Health for 2021, the number of registered Russians with HIV was 851.7 thousand, while academician Vadim Pokrovsky said that there were about 1.5 million such patients, the Novye Izvestiya newspaper writes. The scientist claims that the number of people infected with a dangerous virus is growing every year. Aleksey […]

Seasonal protection. How to prevent SARS and COVID-19 infection?

[ad_1] New strains of COVID-19 are already circulating in Russia. Will collective immunity save us, what about contraindications to vaccination, are there universal remedies for the treatment and prevention of viral infections? Responsible Olga Shamsheva, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases in Children, Faculty of Pediatrics, Russian National Research […]