Women’s Health: 7 Foods That Cause Thrush

[ad_1] The fungus that causes this disease, called Candida, is sensitive to changes in diet. What foods should be eliminated so as not to feed harmful microorganisms? Candida fungi are big sweet tooth, especially they love simple sugars. If you want to forget about thrush forever — give up sugar completely, get used to drinking […]

Women’s health: symptoms and prevention of mastopathy

[ad_1] Today, the number of women suffering from mastopathy has increased significantly. This pathology was noted in 40-60% of patients of reproductive age. And in the presence of gynecological diseases, the risk of developing mastopathy increases to 98%. A neglected disease threatens with severe complications, in which surgical intervention may be required. To save feminine […]

How to calculate the day of ovulation and determine the ideal moment for conception?

[ad_1] Couples planning pregnancy or, on the contrary, seeking to prevent unwanted conception, try to calculate the most suitable days for fertilization in order to adjust their intimate life depending on the goals pursued. To do this, they need to know how to calculate the day of ovulation, since it determines the ideal moment for […]

White discharge in women: norm and pathology

[ad_1] From the moment of birth until old age, the reproductive system of a woman works — in each age period in its own special rhythm. Accordingly, to protect the mucous membranes of the vagina and their full functioning, a special secret is developed. It is he who gives special secretions that have a certain […]

Itching in the groin in women

[ad_1] Itching is a subjectively unpleasant sensation that occurs in response to irritation of the skin or mucous membranes. For the sensation of itching, special sensitive endings of nerve cells that perceive pathological impulses are responsible. Previously, it was believed that itching appears as a result of irritation of pain receptors. However, according to researchers […]

Classification and treatment of infections of the female reproductive system

[ad_1] Infections of the female reproductive system are a sudden nuisance that many are familiar with firsthand. What are the reasons for their occurrence? Is sexual contact always the mode of transmission? What sexual infections are incurable and are there ways to avoid them? How to understand the intricacies and variety of types of infectious […]

The nutritionist told what products can be replaced with sweets

[ad_1] There are a large number of products that can replace the usual sweets. Dietitian Elena Solomatina spoke about this in a conversation with Evening Moscow. According to her, sweets can be replaced with berries, fruits and dried fruits. The doctor explained that they also have sugar, but it is compensated by fiber. At the […]

Cancer of the cervix: methods of prevention

[ad_1] Prevention of oncology of the cervix in our time is very relevant, because this disease is one of the most common. The cervix is ​​a female organ, the diseases of which practically do not make themselves felt. And if symptoms do appear, it is sometimes too late to start treatment. The importance of timely […]

What products can be used for masks?

[ad_1] advises dermatocosmetologist Liliya Dyshlevaya. Fresh cucumbers They moisturize the skin well and relieve puffiness if put on the periorbital area (the area around the eyes, including the upper and lower eyelids, the lacrimal apparatus). To prepare the mask, you need to take a chilled cucumber, cut it into rounds. egg white It must be […]

Thrush: manifestations of infection, localization of inflammation

[ad_1] Candidiasis is one of the most common of all fungal infections. From thrush, as patients call candidiasis, women and children are more likely to suffer. In men, it occurs with a sharp weakening of the immune system or has the form of carriage. Manifestations can be both on the skin or mucous membranes, and […]