Women’s health: how to enlarge breasts without surgery

[ad_1] A rare girl, whom nature did not reward with at least a third breast size, never thought about increasing it. The most reliable way to do this is to give the amount with a decent number of zeros to a plastic surgeon and go under the knife, but not everyone agrees to have surgery […]

S.S. Konovalov «Women’s Diseases»: for whom was this book written?

[ad_1] Recently, a lot of specialized medical portals and online forums have appeared on the Internet, where you can: get professional advice from highly specialized doctors (free of charge); exchange opinions about the clinic or specialist with other patients; compare proposed treatment regimens; learn more about new drugs for the treatment of a particular disease […]

Scientists: tea drinkers have more sperm

[ad_1] Researchers at Hubei University in Wuhan concluded that drinking tea can improve male reproductive health. The study suggests that men who prefer tea may be more likely to conceive. Scientists recruited 1385 people, each of whom provided 4 samples of seminal fluid during the year. All participants were healthy and tested as potential sperm […]

Childfree. Why don’t women want to have children?

[ad_1] The concept of childfree implies a conscious desire not to have children. Looking at those who declare themselves to be supporters of this concept, one might think that some were forced into the ranks of the «free from children». This could be due to constant questions from others: “When are you planning to give […]

The story of the first period: how to tell a girl about menstruation

[ad_1] Being a mother of a girl is difficult in its own way, especially when it comes time to talk about it. Transitional age is a special state of the girl, she understands that certain changes are taking place with her body that can upset and even frighten her. A special shock can be the […]

Early menopause: causes of development

[ad_1] Most women perceive menopause (menopause) as the onset of old age and are waiting for its onset with a sense of fear. In fact, this is a natural physiological process, which indicates that the egg reserves in the ovaries have been depleted, and the woman can no longer perform her purely feminine function — […]

«Children» of «omicron». Who is threatened by new genetic variations of covid?

[ad_1] The COVID situation has stabilized. This was stated Chief Freelance Specialist of the Ministry of Health for Infectious Diseases Vladimir Chulanov. Can we relax or the danger persists and the disease can return? “The number of new cases of infection has been declining since mid-September,” said Vladimir Chulanov, chief infectious disease specialist at the […]

Vital energy. How socks under the bed and gifts from exes affect her

[ad_1] Our home is a place where we recuperate and fill up with energy. It is from the “weather in the house” that our internal state directly depends. After all, a breakdown, apathy, weakness can appear not only against the background of an illness. There is a possibility that these symptoms have arisen because of […]

Uterine transplant: medical and ethical issues

[ad_1] It looks like transplantologists have made a new breakthrough: uterus transplantation is now possible. So, the problem of infertility will recede one more step. MedAboutMe shares interesting facts about womb transplant. From the history of the issue Over the past hundred years, medicine has not only stepped far forward, it has literally soared to […]

Inflammation of the cooper glands: symptoms and treatment

[ad_1] The inflammatory process, localized in the region of the bulbourethral or cooper glands, is called cooperitis. In the vast majority of cases, this inflammation is of an infectious nature. In the initial stages, this disease may not be accompanied by any clinical manifestations, but then complaints, as a rule, still occur. In the vast […]