How smoking affects women’s health: myths and facts

[ad_1] Once upon a time, smoking was a privilege exclusively for men, but with the development of feminist and emancipatory ideas, it became intended to equalize women with them. The image of a strong, independent lady from the light hand of tobacco kings was accompanied by the same smoking cigarette in her hand. Ladies of […]

yellow discharge in women

[ad_1] Vaginal discharge is a completely normal phenomenon, the result of the work of the genitals. The secretions include mucus produced by the vaginal walls and cervix, products of active reproduction of beneficial microbial flora and the result of desquamation of epithelial cells. In a healthy woman, the volume of secretions is very small, they […]

Causes of vomiting in women

[ad_1] Vomiting is a mechanism that helps the body protect itself from the penetration of dangerous substances of various kinds into it. This is a complex reflex act, which is formed due to the activation of special departments in the nervous system. Outwardly, vomiting manifests itself in the uncontrolled eruption of gastric contents through the […]

Gynecological problems of preschool girls: what parents need to know

[ad_1] Preschool girls have special problems in the intimate area. This is due to the weakening of hygiene control by parents, attending kindergarten and frequent illnesses. In addition, allergies, the development of a fungal infection, and even childhood curiosity, bad habits, and parasitic infections can also play a role. In the presence of discomfort and […]

Distress call. What signs does the body give when cancer develops

[ad_1] It is definitely better when cancer is detected at an early stage. Sometimes it is enough to listen to the signals of your body. What so-called «red flags» cannot be ignored, told radiotherapist, candidate of medical sciences, deputy general director for scientific work of the oncological clinic Denis Romanov. Risk factors Usually, patients […]

Mastopathy: causes, mechanism of development and manifestations

[ad_1] Mastopathy is a proliferative change in the breast tissue that occurs outside of pregnancy. To understand the essence of the disease, it is necessary to imagine how this organ works. The female breast consists of several types of tissues: glandular tissue, connective tissue and adipose tissue. In different periods of life, depending on the […]

Colpitis: causes, manifestations and methods of treatment

[ad_1] Colpitis is one of the most common gynecological diseases. It is characterized by the development of an isolated inflammatory process in the mucous membrane lining the vagina. Such a pathological process can develop as a result of exposure to various exogenous and endogenous provoking factors. Colpitis has a second name — vaginitis. Most often, […]

Mastopathy: causes and manifestations of the disease

[ad_1] Scientists believe that mastopathy is the result of a disturbed hormonal background due to malfunctioning of the thyroid gland or sex hormones. Indeed, this disease often goes in conjunction with pathologies of the liver, ovaries, endocrine system disorders. In addition, a genetic predisposition and an environmental component cannot be excluded from sight. The MedAboutMe […]

Under the stone sim. How to protect yourself from renal colic

[ad_1] Urolithiasis is the most common reason for visiting a urologist. In this case, calculi are formed in the urinary tract, and simply speaking, stones. Even if they do not disturb their owners, the consequences are very serious. And if the stones «go», it will not seem enough. Our expert — urologist, oncologist, doctor of […]

What discharge is considered normal, and when should you see a doctor?

[ad_1] Discharge during the period of bearing a child is a completely normal phenomenon. They can appear from the first months of pregnancy and continue until the birth of the child. Traces on underwear that frighten expectant mothers are most likely leukorrhea, which is a white or colorless secret without any odor, secreted by the […]