Yulia Baranovskaya: “Any point on the map of Russia is a place of power for me”

[ad_1] Known TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya, seems to have time for everything in the world: raising three children, building a career, studying his country. The star spoke about places of power in Russia, about relations with her daughter and about her social project “Women of Donbass” in an interview with AiF. PRO Health. “I need […]

Top 5 exercises recommended by gynecologists

[ad_1] Looking at the visitors of gyms and fitness clubs, you can see that women and men attend classes in almost equal proportions. And strength training in the gym is no exception. When drawing up a training program, an experienced instructor takes into account several fundamental factors at once: the state of health at the […]

The dermatologist told how to protect the skin of the hands from dryness in the fall

[ad_1] Recommendations for caring for hands in the autumn-winter period were voiced in an interview with Evening Moscow by dermatologist Yulia Galliamova. In autumn, temperature drops occur and heating is turned on, which makes the air drier, which, together with detergents, affects the health of the skin of the hands. To protect your hands from […]

Off your head! Hats, caps and berets that have long gone out of fashion

[ad_1] The fact that it has long become indecent to wear hats with fur pom-poms in the city seems to be well known to everyone. However, in addition to this model, there are a number of other hats marked “long outdated”, Aif.ru told about them. stylist Yulia Litvinenko. Soft brim hats Photo: Shutterstock.com Soft-brimmed hats […]

No crunch or pain. What to eat for joint health

[ad_1] It’s not just older people who complain about joint problems. In order for the musculoskeletal system to be in order, it is important to avoid injuries and lead a healthy lifestyle. In particular, to improve and diversify nutrition. What to eat and drink, what to take in addition to support the performance of your […]

Rejecting others. How to help patients after transplantation

[ad_1] Treatment of oncohematological diseases is a complex and expensive matter. A radical method of treatment is bone marrow transplantation (BMT). This method is used to treat the most aggressive forms of tumor diseases of the blood system. The number of transfers is growing About 100,000 transplants are performed in the world per year, and […]